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Come clean at Classic.

Clothes need to breathe, so don’t leave them too long in the plastic. A breathable suit or dress bag is much better for long term storage and protection of you garments.
Different stains require different treatments. From blood, oil, pen, paint, grease, red wine, we’ve seen it. Point out any stains, and any well-meaning actions you may have already taken to remove the stain yourself. The longer a stain is left in a fabric, the more difficult it is to remove.

Dry cleaning protects your garments colour, brightness and softness while being gentler than traditional cleaning methods. Protect the investment in your clothing and soft furnishings by getting them regularly dry cleaned. It will save you money in the long term.

Dry cleaning uses solvents rather than water to remove soils and stains from fabrics. Dry cleaning is fantastic on greasy and oily stains because of its ability to dissolve stains in a way that water can’t. Natural fibres such as wools and silks are best dry cleaned, because they won’t shrink, distort or lose colour like they can with water washing.
Have had a good time, let us worry about fixing the mess. There is never any need to be embarrassed about a particular stain or spill or split seam, because we have seen it all.

Mould spores are killed during the cleaning process, but the stain may remain.
Professional pressing equipment used at Classic gives garments a crisp, wrinkle-free finish, and because it uses steam rather than heat, fabrics can’t burn or shine like they can with a hot iron.

To prolong the life of your furnishing fabrics, curtains and drapes should be cleaned regularly and vacuumed often. Sun exposure will reduce the life of your furnishings, so rotate your curtains on a regular basis. A shrinkage rate of 3% can occur in some cases.

While all care is taken with buttons and beading, trims and sequins, inferior trims may not withstand the dry cleaning process. Please discuss your garments when you drop them off.

After 90 days, text messages and phone calls, if you don’t pick up your items, they could be donated to charity.

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